True Life: I’m not Pinterested

Pinterest. The digital mood board. You drive me crazy. Why? Because I love you, and hate you. I love spending countless hours (when I should be sleeping or working out) looking through your beautiful photos, pinning the “easy” ones, and planning when I will use the beautiful creation I just pinned. Well now that I am ten months into this mom thing I’ll tell you when I used those beautiful creations… N E V E R ! My 776 pins are all hopeless dreams. Those “easy” creations are not so easy when you have a baby and a full time job.

Let’s be real though. Pinterest is great for us moms who find something they like that happens to have a direct link to purchase on Etsy. Now that’s MY kinda pin. My daughters first birthday will be beautiful as will all birthdays, holidays, and everything after that. But about 5% of those things will be homemade. Pinterest stress is a real thing, and that’s one disease I will be avoiding.

So you “Pinterest Mommies” : so glad you have endless amounts of time to create these magical crafts. For those you don’t do it for the praise, I’m happy you genuinely love it. And maybe one day, I’ll have the time (and patience) to join all of you.

But in the meantime, if anyone asks….yes, I got the idea off of Pinterest 😉




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